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Welcome to CGHS Point of Sale

The Point of Sale Service allows you to “load” money onto your student’s school ID card. The card can then be swiped in the cafeteria and/or bookstore. The student’s picture will appear on the register as a security measure prior to executing the sale. However, it remains the responsibility of the student to protect his ID card and not share it with others. It should remain on their lanyard and be worn at all times.
Instructions for new users:
  1. Type https://pointofsale.cghsfl.org in the address bar of your web browser
  2. Click on “Register” link to begin
  3. You will be taken to the “New User Registration” Page
    a. Enter your child’s Student ID number in the “Student/Staff ID” field. Leave the Badge # field empty
    b. Fill in all of the remaining required fields, with the primary address supplied to CGHS admissions office (do not use commas). Use your email address.
  4. Once completed, click on “Sign Up,” the screen will bring you back to the fields you just filled in, however, when you look at the navigation buttons on the top right, you should notice that you’re logged in.
  5. Click on the “My Account” link to “Manage My Account,” “View Order History” and “Modify My Information”
    a. To add funds to your child’s ID card, select “Manage My Account,” then “Add Funds to Account” and enter the required information
    b. To see what has been purchased on your child’s ID card, select “View Order History”
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