Senior Drive-Thru Graduation -Congratulations, Class of 2020!
Erin Herbert

The administrators, faculty and staff of Cardinal Gibbons High School hosted a drive-thru graduation celebration on their Fort Lauderdale campus on Tuesday, May 26, to honor the Class of 2020 prior to their virtual graduation ceremony.

The drive-thru allowed seniors to drive through campus and see their teachers one last time as high school students.

Students entered the campus from the southeastern entrance off of Bayview Drive and were greeted by staff members and a 60-foot long banner that features the graduation photo of all 290 members of the Class of 2020.
During the drive-thru, seniors stopped at multiple locations to return their school-issued iPads and athletic uniforms, as well as pick up personalized memory boxes. The boxes contained each student’s graduation regalia, which included their cap and gown, as well as any special academic cords or stoles, academic awards and certificates, senior letters from the student’s friends, family and past selves and a copy of their senior photo.

Once students collected their memory boxes, they drove through campus, as dozens of faculty and staff members waved and cheered them on. At the end of the drive-thru, students were prompted to put on their graduation regalia and get out of their vehicle to walk one by one across a small stage at the front of campus and have a graduation photo taken by Munoz Photography. 

The Cardinal Gibbons Class of 2020 later celebrated a virtual graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 30.