Dual Enrollment Information & Deadlines
Erin Herbert

Our Dual Enrollment Program offers Cardinal Gibbons students an opportunity to take college-level courses during the school day. DE courses allow students to test their ability to perform at the college level and have the opportunity to earn transferable college-level courses.

Having an AP or DE course on your transcripts demonstrates your ability to work at the collegiate level. However, some out-of-state universities may or may not transfer credits, or apply credits for a specific subject area. It is always best to reach out to the specific university regarding their policy on transferable credits. Cardinal Gibbons advisors are available to assist you as well.

Requirements for Applying & Registering
If you are a new student, you will be required to log onto the St. Thomas University website and apply. To be eligible for DE credit, you must apply by Sept. 10. Please note that it will take about 24-48 hours to process your application.

All students must register for classes by Sept. 24. Whether you are enrolled in one or six DE courses, you must log onto your St. Thomas University account online and register for all of your courses at the same time.

Each credit is $60. All courses are three credits, meaning each class will cost you a total of $180. Be sure to register for and pay for all of these classes by the Sept. 24 deadline.

If you have not registered for a DE course for over one year, you will need to directly contact St. Thomas University to reactivate your account.

If you have a Business Office Flag on your account, you will NOT be able to register for any courses until your outstanding balance is paid. Contact St. Thomas University for more information.

In order for a course to continue as a DE course, a minimum of five students per class is required. After Sept. 24, you will no longer be able to register for the course and will not receive credit for dual enrollment.

Your teachers will be sending you directions on how to apply and or register for courses. If you need assistance with registering, you can contact your advisor. If your advisor is unable to assist you, please contact our Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Dr. Katrina Azevedo at azevedo@cghsfl.org or contact St. Thomas University directly.