Cardinal Gibbons Partners with ADOM Virtual Catholic School
Oscar Cedeno

Dear Students and Parents,

Cardinal Gibbons High School is proud to formally announce our new partnership with the Archdiocese of Miami - Virtual Catholic School (ADOM-VCS) as our new virtual school provider. ADOM-VCS and CGHS share the same governance and accreditation entities, which provides our students with the same quality Catholic education in a quickly-evolving, online platform. Each course taken through ADOM-VCS will appear on the student’s official CGHS transcript, and unlike with our previous virtual school provider, these courses will factor into a student’s yearly and cumulative GPA.

Beginning with the Class of 2021, a half-credit (.5) online course is required for all students graduating from Florida high schools. Whether your student is taking an online course for graduation or academic enrichment purposes, we want to take a moment to outline the procedures, approved classes, and costs of taking courses through ADOM-VCS.

Steps for Students to Sign-Up for a Class through ADOM-VCS:

  1. Students must first visit the Counseling & Advising Office for help in course selection.
  2. Requests for courses will be filled out by the student’s Advisor and forwarded to Administration for approval. Without school approval, students will not be able to register for classes through ADOM-VCS.
  3. Once approval has been rendered, students will be notified by their Advisor. The student may then register to take the course by filling out the ADOM-VCS registration form.
  4. Students must complete the course within the allotted timeline laid out by ADOM-VCS. Classes may be taken following an unconventional timeline that does not always match the semester system at CGHS (i.e. courses taken over the summer, or courses that begin during Christmas break), so each student will receive an individual timeline to finish their course within the required framework of ADOM-VCS. 
  5. Upon completion of the course, the student must request the Final Grade Report be sent to CGHS.

Approved CGHS Virtual School Course Options:

●      ADOM-VCS

○ The following courses can be taken in lieu of on-campus Subject Graduation Requirements, OR to satisfy the Online Course Requirement

■ HOPE – Health Opportunities through Physical Education (1 Credit)

■ Economics with Financial Literacy (.5)

■ Personal Fitness (.5)

■ Fitness Lifestyle Design (.5)

○ The following courses can be taken as electives, OR to satisfy the Online Course Requirement:

■ Critical Thinking and Studies Skills (.5)

■ Fashion and Interior Design (.5)

■ Gothic Literature (.5)

■ Great Minds in Science (.5)

■ History of the Holocaust (.5)

■ Introduction to Culinary Arts (.5)

■ Law and Order (.5)

■ Mythology and Folklore (.5)

■ Peer Counseling (.5)

■ Personal and Family Finance (.5)

■ Public Speaking (.5)

■ Reading for College Success (.5)

■ Sports and Entertainment Marketing (.5)

■ Thinking and Learning Strategies (.5)

■ Veterinary Science (.5)

○ The following course can be taken as an Elective

■ ACT Test Prep (No Credit)

○ Cardinal Gibbons DOES NOT allow students to take required core classes through virtual school.

● Because ADOM-VCS does not offer a Driver’s Education course, CGHS students will still be permitted to take Driver’s Education/Traffic Safety (.5 credit) through Florida Virtual School (FLVS). The Driver’s Education/Traffic Safety through FLVS will satisfy the online graduation requirement, however, the grade will not be factored into a student’s GPA at CGHS. If your student wishes to take the Driver’s Education/Traffic Safety course, they will follow the same registration process defined above, then register directly with FLVS at

Cost of ADOM-VCS Courses:

            The change in virtual school providers has also caused a change in the cost of taking an online course. ADOM-VCS follows the following price structure:

● $50 - Registration Fee (assessed each semester, if registering for a new course)

● $300 - Half Credit/One Semester Class

● $575 - Full Credit/Full Year Class

● $51.50 - Book fee (if applicable)

            We invite you to explore more about ADOM-VCS through its website: Should you have any questions or comments about ADOM-VCS, they can be directed to the Counseling & Advising Office at CGHS or straight to ADOM-VCS. We at Cardinal Gibbons are very excited about the educational possibilities that ADOM-VCS will provide our students, and we hope you will join us in welcoming this new opportunity.



Oscar Cedeño