Cardinal Gibbons is Actively Monitoring Tropical Storm Laura
Erin Herbert

Cardinal Gibbons High School is actively monitoring the path of Tropical Storm Laura. 

Although the tropical storm's projected path is still uncertain, Cardinal Gibbons encourages you to stay up-to-date with the latest weather advisories and prepare your family and home.

Our student's and employee's safety is our number one priority. Please take a moment to review our current procedures for weather emergencies. 

In the event of any weather emergency, such as a tropical storm or hurricane, please note that Cardinal Gibbons typically follows the direction of Broward County Public Schools for all closures and class cancellations. However, while we are participating in virtual learning, Cardinal Gibbons may make independent decisions regarding school closures.

In regard to the reopening of the school, Cardinal Gibbons will make decisions independently. Parents will receive direct communication from Cardinal Gibbons once it is safe for the school to reopen and for classes to resume.

Both the closure and reopening of the school will be communicated to parents via email and phone call. Additional information regarding the opening or closing of the school will also be posted on our website,

As Tropical Storm Laura continues to develop, we will provide you with any necessary updates regarding Cardinal Gibbons as they become available.