AP European History Students Create 'Mini Masterpiece' Mixed Media Renaissance Art
Erin Herbert

While studying the Renaissance, students in Mr. Luiz Bravim's AP European History course were tasked with reinterpreting one of the masterpieces from 1350-1550 for a new age. 

Students used mixed media to recreate paintings from the era they are currently studying. The activity allowed the students, who are all sophomores, to not only think about the concepts they are learning in a different manner, but also express their creativity. 

"AP European History is one of the most challenging electives available to students, so this sort of activity brings a bit of levity much needed at the start of a new school year," said Bravim. 

Students featured below, in order, include Paul Lagerbloom, Maria Uzcategui Rivas, Emily Baldwin, Brooke Higgins, Kaitlyn Armbruster and Ali Conard. 

A mixed media representation of the Mona Lisa with a pug
A girl posing with the guitar to recreate a Renaissance painting
A girl holding a cat to recreate a Renaissance painting
A girl posing to recreate the Mona Lisa
A dog in a sweater and a hat next to a Renaissance painting of a man in red
A girl posing with a doll to recreate a Renaissance painting