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Alumni Beller '18 and Llanes '19 Share Experiences from Norwich University with Current Students
Erin Herbert

Cardinal Gibbons alumni Zach Beller '18 and Sebastian Llanes '19 returned to campus on Monday, Nov. 25, to share their experiences at Norwich University with current students. 

Norwich University is a private military college in Vermont, with an on-campus student population of approximately 2,600. Beller, a sophomore, and Llanes, a freshman, detailed their experiences at the school and shared insights into Norwich's academic and athletic programs, as well as the social aspects of campus life. They also spoke of the military training and lifestyle that is built into the Norwich experience, and the numerous opportunities that stem from learning effective communication and teamwork, risk assessment and planning, as well as other leadership skills.

Though students can pursue both civilian and military career paths, both Llanes and Beller have chosen to pursue military careers. Llanes has contracted with the United States Army, while Beller is currently preparing to contract with the United States Marine Corps.