Fine Arts

Chorus girls singing
Student musicians playing trumpets
Sword fight during 2018 %22The Addams Family%22 production.
Sketchbooks on a table
Student playing a violin
A group of girls dancing during a performance of Bright Star

Our brains need the arts. The arts encompass the whole of education as it unifies science, math, English, history and language—giving students the ability to be well-rounded. In a world that has become divisive, the arts teach social skills, teamwork and life skills. It is also a very important voice to document the state of society through the use of visual arts, theater and music.

Erick Crow, Director of Drama and Choral Activities

The Fine Arts program at Cardinal Gibbons High School seeks to engage students and encourage them to think creatively and critically. Each student is provided with the necessary tools and guidance to ensure that they are able to realize their full artistic and intellectual potential. Through creation and exploration, students in our Fine Arts program are able to gain new skills that will benefit them personally, spiritually and academically. At Cardinal Gibbons High School, we firmly believe that the fine arts play a vital role in creating collaborators, disciplined thinkers and intuitive leaders that are ready to immerse themselves in today’s competitive markets.