Swimming & Diving

Daniela Arezina   Tyler Armbruster  
Kaitlyn Armbruster   Jacob Evans
Isabella Bengala   Lucas Haydar
Sofia Buldoc   William Larkin
Addison Byrne   Mateo Linares Figueroa
Dylan Byrne   John Lynch
Hannah Giunto   Ryan Lynch
Jaclyn Nelson   Malachi Richardson
Loralei Nero   Luke Salsburg
Stephanie Udell   Dylan Sanchez
Caroline Udell   Robert Sjoblom
Jessica Wilson   Marcus Szarbo
Melody Yates      


Shawn Barnhardt

Head Coach: 2019-Present

Logo for Joey Accardi, features a small alligator in a red jeep
Official logo for Meli Orthopedic
Company logo, blue circle with letters inside, text next to the circle reads: Anesco
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