Retreats & Recollections


The Retreat Team meets regularly to prepare for annual retreats. All students are invited to join the team and take part in weekend retreats. Retreat Team members also visit local parishes to coordinate Spirit Days for the eighth-grade students preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. Please contact Dean of Campus Ministry Kim Eichholtz for more information regarding retreats. 

Day of Recollection

Each class experiences a Day of Recollection each year, in which students come together as a class during the school day for a day of bonding. This unique experience involves group prayer, group activities, guest speakers and slide shows designed to inspire spiritual reflection.  In addition, there is a Day of Recollection for those seniors considered by their coaches and club moderators to be leaders. The focus of these recollection days is to encourage not only leadership, but community team building and Christian Service.  Noting that it is vital for the recollection values to be brought back to the campus of Cardinal Gibbons, each of these recollection days ends in group Mass or group prayer in the Chapel of the Holy Family.