Fr. Dunne '98 Publishes Four Books About Faith
Erin Herbert

During the unexpected spare time during the quarantine at St. Joan of Arc parish in Boca Raton, Fr. Martin Dunne '98 penned four different books related to our Catholic faith. 

His greater goal is to get God's message out to people in a gentle and enriching way.

Dunne's first book, "What Could a Priest Know about Marriage?" guides adults through the process of how to prepare for, find and keep the one special relationship based on theology, Scripture, life-experiences, several graduate courses on the topic, and ministry.

"Marriage is God's Special Gift" introduces children to the beauty and potential of traditional marriage and family through a gentle chronicle of a family's history over three generations.

"It's Worth it Because of God's Love for You" explains how God's unique, special and loving plans for each child were planned from the beginning of time through all history.

Lastly, "Popcorn's Perspective" gently introduces children to the dangers of "the seven deadly sins" (without using such harsh terminology), along with the offsetting benefits of following the opposite seven virtues.  

All four books, which are packed with images full of detail, symbolism, and fun surprises, are currently available for pre-order through Dunne's publisher, Waldorf Publishing. The books are currently scheduled to be released in 2021 but may be released in late 2020 if enough pre-orders are made. If the books are able to be published this year, Dunne will receive $500, which will be donated to St. Joan of Arc's CARE ministry, which serves local families in the region with their needs regardless of their background.

Dunne also plans to continue publishing books that will help introduce children to various aspects of the Catholic faith.