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Welcome to Cardinal Gibbons High School Summer School!

Spend your summer by hitting the books and getting ahead or improving your grade in a previously completed course! We're offering a few new classes this summer so be sure to check the Summer School Form to see what is available.

Summer School lasts 15 days, from Monday June 10 through Friday, June 28. Attendance is mandatory for all Summer School participants. Please do not plan vacation days, appointments or early releases during Summer School. Participants must abide by all institution requirements, as outlined in the Student Handbook, and all teacher requirements, which include, but are not limited to, matters involving academics, discipline and attendance.  

The fee for Summer School is $400 per 0.5 credit course. The fee is non-refundable. Course space is limited, so please reserve your spot by signing and returning you Summer School Form, along with your check, cash or credit card as soon as possible. All checks can be made payable to Cardinal Gibbons High School. Class spaces are reserved when both the form and payment are received.


All Cardinal Gibbons SUMMER CAMPS listed below are available to rising, sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students. Camp participants will not receive any academic credit for the completion of the course. T-shirts will be provided! Camp fee: $400.00 per course.

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HeARTists Art Camp

HeARTists Art Camp offers students experiences in painting, drawing and mixed media art projects. The budding artist will have the opportunity to create works of the heART! The HeARTist camp will encourage creativity and further the development of art techniques and methods.

DANCE-Versity Dance Camp

DANCE-Versity Camp offers students the opportunity to learn new skills, improve dance technique, perform and exercise while having fun and doing something they love. Dancers will explore the areas of hip-hop, ballet, modern, jazz and basic yoga techniques during the DANCEVersity camp!

MATHLetes Math Camp

MATHLetes Camp is an opportunity for students to enrich their math skills while having fun. Students will explore challenging math concepts, creative problem-solving activities and become data detectives when they dive into statistics and probability concepts. MATHLetes Camp offers fun, challenge and critical thinking.

STEM-Stars STEM Camp

STEM-Stars offers students an opportunity to go on a robotics adventure featuring ROBOTIS models. Students will learn the basics of robotics, while working with motors and sensors. Working in collaborative groups, students will build and program models to compete in a soccer competition, dance party or perform any “out of the box” task.


CHIEFS CHALLENGE is available to all rising seventh and eighth-graders. All participants will receive 0.5 high school credit for each course, should they choose to attend Cardinal Gibbons. T-Shirts will be provided. Tuition: $400.00 per course.

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Survey of Marine Animals

Students in this class will study all types of sea creatures from the largest, all the way down to the microscopic organisms of the sea. Marine animals will be classified and studied in depth to learn more about their behavior, habits and protection.

Vocal Techniques

This class is an introductory course designed to teach students how to make their voice sound more powerful, how to use vocal techniques to expand their range and expression and how to become more confident in vocal performances. This class is a fantastic starting point for anyone wanting to make the most of their voice.


Students in this class will become aspiring coders and dive into
creating animated stories and interactive experiences while
learning essential programming concepts with Scratch. This drag-and-drop, creative environment developed by MIT uses sprites and code blocks to set a foundation of computational thinking an essential skill in this tech-driven world—enhanced by bright visuals and engaging design.

Personal Health and Fitness

This course offers a variety of team, individual and lifetime sports. It stresses the acquisition of knowledge to fit into personal lifestyles. It teaches an understanding of stress maintenance, muscle groups related to physical fitness, weight conditioning, training and personal exercise programs. Health-related fitness, first aid and safety, nutrition and alcohol/drug abuse awareness are also topics of discussion in this class.