Dual Enrollment

To better help our students prepare for advanced college courses, we've partnered with Barry University to offer a robust Dual Enrollment Program, which will allow students to challenge themselves and test their ability to perform at the college level. 

Through the Dual Enrollment Program, juniors and seniors at Cardinal Gibbons High School have the opportunity to take college-level courses and earn transferable credits. Dual enrollment credits can be transferred to many of the public colleges or universities in Florida, saving you time and money. The program also offers benefits to financial-aid-eligible students who enroll at Barry University, allowing you to secure your college future now!*

View more information regarding Barry's Dual Enrollment program as well as course offerings here. 

How to Qualify & Apply

To qualify for dual enrollment courses, you must be a junior or senior with a 3.5 or better unweighted GPA and have the minimum required scores on an approved college readiness test. All Dual Enrollment students must earn at least an A or B in each of their Dual Enrollment courses in order to remain in good standing within the program and qualify to take other DE courses. 

New Dual Enrollment Students
New Dual Enrollment students need to fill out the online Dual Enrollment Admissions Application FormAuthorization Form, and FERPA Form. All forms should be submitted to academics@cghsfl.org. Once emailed, all documents will be shared with the Office of Dual Enrollment at Barry. Students who are participating in a dual enrollment course for the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year, must submit all forms by Friday, December 3, 2021.

New students should submit their documents, regardless of college readiness assessment results. Once a student has taken the college readiness assessment, they must email their results to academics@cghsfl.org. Acceptance into the DE program will be pending until a passing score is achieved.

You can download each necessary form below:
Dual Enrollment Admissions Application
Dual Enrollment Authorization Form

**Submit all documents and results to academics@cghsfl.org.

Returning Dual Enrollment Students
Returning Dual Enrollment Students will need to select their desired Dual Enrollment course(s) on the 2021-2022 CGHS Course Selection Form and complete a Barry Authorization Form to select the appropriate course(s) for the upcoming school year. Submit a completed and signed copy of the Barry Authorization Form to academics@cghsfl.org by the deadline.

Submit Authorization Form  December 3, 2021
Dual Enrollment Payments for new and returning students TBD

**Submit all documents to academics@cghsfl.org.

Please review the "Dual Enrollment Course Requirements" section below for more information regarding the necessary qualifications for each Dual Enrollment course. 

Text: Barry University

Contact Us

Dr. Katrina Azevedo
Assistant Principal for Academics & Curriculum, Dual Enrollment Liaison
(954) 491-2900 ext. 147

Dr. Whitney Watkins
Dual Enrollment Manager, Barry University
(305) 899-7861

More Information

First page of the PDF file: CardinalGibbonsFlyer
First page of the PDF file: BarryDualEnrollmentFinalBrochure

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Get the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Barry University's Dual Enrollment Program. 

If you qualify and wish to take a Dual-Enrollment class, contact Dr. Katrina Azevedo at academics@cghsfl.org for additional information. 

*Students who are eligible for financial aid and who enroll at Barry University will receive a tuition discount of $1,000 per year for participating in the Dual-Enrollment Program or attending a Catholic High School. 

Dual Enrollment Course Requirements

Dual Enrollment College Readiness Assessment Requirements
Course # Course Name Additional Testing Requirements
REL 3111          Theology Through Film  
REL 3565 Catholic Social Teaching**  
REL 2300 Comparative Religion**  
THE 323  Theology & Science: Contemporary Dialogue**  
CHM 1045 General Chemistry & Qualitative Analysis I** A minimum score on the Chemistry placement exam listed below.
CHM 1045L General Chemistry & Qualitative Analysis I Lab** A minimum score on the Chemistry placement exam listed below.
BSC 1010 Biological Foundations I**  
BSC 1010L Biological Foundations I Lab**  
SPN 1120 Elementary Spanish I** Student will need to take the Spanish placement exam. The exam places the student in the appropriate course.
SPN 2220 Intermediate Spanish I** Student will need to take the Spanish placement exam. The exam places the student in the appropriate course.
GEB 1011 Intro to Business**  
ENC 1101 Composition & Rhetoric**  
**Student must earn a passing score on the College Readiness Assessment in Reading.


College Readiness Assessment - Passing Reading Score
PERT 106
SAT 24
ACT 19


Barry University Placement Test
Chemistry With a score of 21 or above, the student will be able to register for Chemistry I, pending a passing Reading score on a College Readiness Assessment. 
Spanish Students will be placed in a specific level of the course, according to their score.