Specialized Education: Calasanz Program

"The Calasanz Program has been a beacon of hope for our daughter, offering her a nurturing and faith-driven environment where her unique learning needs are met with understanding and dedication, guiding her confidently towards earning her Access diploma."

Cardinal Gibbons High School's Calasanz Program is designed for students in Grades 9-12 who have significant learning disabilities that hinder performance in a general education curriculum and are seeking a caring, educational, and Catholic faith-based school. The specialized program allows students to obtain an Access diploma upon completion.    

Self Contained Environment

A self-contained model for core academic instruction to support Access Diploma competition. Instruction focuses on independent functioning with a certified ESE teacher.


Students in this program are encouraged to join extracurricular clubs, participate in sports or fine arts, and attend school events with their peers.

Inclusion with Grade-Level Peers

Students in this program have the opportunity to be in elective classes with same grade level peers.

Buddy Program

Seniors and juniors serve as a “buddy” for students in the Calasanz Program. Buddies assist with in-class projects, invite students to upcoming school events, and bring a sense of community to our school.

Watch: A Connection Beyond Abilities

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