EMT students performing CPR on a mannequin
Two students sitting in front of the editing table with teacher instructing
Two girls dissecting a frog in the science lab
Science Students building models
Two female students launching a catapult

What I love most about Cardinal Gibbons is the education that I receive, and the teachers that guide me. Over the past three years, I have grown from an ordinary student into one that excels in AP and Honors classes thanks to their help.

Noland Cambridge, Class of 2020

At Cardinal Gibbons, our academic programs go beyond that of the typical high school experience. Diverse course offerings, dedicated teachers and classrooms equipped with the latest technology allow our students to dive deeper into education and emerge as well-rounded leaders, ready to take on the world. Thanks to our innovative programs, we're not just breaking the mold of standard education; we’re reinventing it into an experience you can only have at Cardinal Gibbons.