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2018-2019 Hall Of Fame Ceremony

The Hall of Fame Ceremony held on Saturday January 12, 2019 at 2:00 PM in the CGHS gymnasium.   
Congratulations to this year's class of inductees.
Ellen Dunne - Class of 1996 - ATHLETE; Eugene H. Morrison, II - COACH
Paul D. Ott - Class of 1966 - ADMINISTRATOR; Joey Accardi - Class of 1994 - SPECIAL
Janie Velentzas - Class of 1996 - ATHLETE; Blair Walsh - Class of 2008 - ATHLETE
Michael DiPierro - Class of 1999 - ATHLETE; 2005 Boys Volleyball Team - TEAM

2017-2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

CGHS Athletic Hall of Fame

ANTWAN CHILES, Class of 1991 - ATHLETE   -   SANDI FOX CABEZA, Class of 2000 - ATHLETE
JONATHAN "JT" TAYLOR, Class of 2003 - ATHLETE   -   JENNA ROMANELLI, Class of 2007 - ATHLETE

2016-2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

CGHS Athletic Hall of Fame

The 2016-2017 Cardinal Gibbons High School Athletic Hall of Fame Ceremony is Saturday, January 28th at 4;00 PM in the school gym. 
All are welcome to attend the ceremony. A reception in the lobby with food and beverages will follow. This Year's Inductees are:
Michael Morrill
Deirdre (Dee Dee) Benam ‘73
Evans Celestin ‘93
Beth O’Connell Elletson ‘07
Daniel Perry ‘81
Rich Tunison ‘87
Special Person/Benefactor
Bob & Jackie Hanke
1984  Girls Volleyball State Champions
1985 Girls Volleyball State Champions
1986 Girls Volleyball State Champions
1988 Girls Volleyball State Champions
1989 Girls Volleyball State Champions

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees:

The 13th Annual CGHS Athletic Hall of Fame Induction was held on Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. in the School Gymnasium.
 Congratulations to the Class of 2015-2016 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees.
Carrie Rowley Bennett - Athlete - Class of 1999
Nancy Taylor Schuster - Athlete - Class of 1985
Kathy McPadden Potter - Athlete - Class of 1979
Justin Meyer - Athlete - Class of 1988
Richard “Dick” Michael Welsh - Athlete - Class of 1966
Dr. A. J. “Bud” Tight - Benefactor  
1990 Girls Tennis State Championship Team - Team
1995 Girls Tennis State Championship Team - Team
1996 Girls Tennis State Championship Team - Team

Criteria for Selection

The Cardinal Gibbons Athletic Hall of Fame was formed for the purpose of recognizing and honoring those student-athletes, coaches, teams, administrators, and special individuals who have made an outstanding contribution and/or offered extraordinary service to Cardinal Gibbons Athletics. The following criteria are considered when making inductee selections.
  1. Nominations for the following categories: athlete, coach, team, administrator, or special.
  2. Must have graduated 10 years before an individual or team can be considered.
  3. An athlete must have lettered in at least one varsity sport.
  4. An athlete must have graduated from Cardinal Gibbons.
  5. If not selected posthumously, must be present to accept the award. If unable to attend the ceremony will be inducted the following year or until able to be present.
  6. If there is a tie in the nominations the earlier graduate will be chosen.
  7. May be nominated for more than one category at one time and may be inducted as an individual and team in the same or different classes.
  8. An equal number of male and female athletes will be considered.
  9. Nominations and nominees must meet deadlines.
Anyone may nominate a person whom you feel is worthy and meets the above criteria. All nominations must be presented to the Board with facts to back up the reasons why this person should in fact be a member of the Hall of Fame. All eligible candidates' information will be brought before the board and the top candidates that year will be voted on by the Hall of Fame Committee. The Hall of Fame Committee consists of the original board members and all inducted members. To nominate somone, contact Hall of Fame coordinator Ms. Louise Crocco.
Cardinal Gibbons is a Roman Catholic High School acting under the direction of the Archdiocese of Miami.
Cardinal Gibbons High School is dedicated to providing our students with a strong formation of Catholic values, 
academic excellence, lifelong learning and a commitment to service.
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