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Welcome to Cardinal Gibbons High School

Welcome 2019-20 Freshmen Class of 2023
The Math and Language Placement Tests took place on Saturday, May 11th. Results will be mailed out at the end of the week of May 13th. 
If you have been accepted and not yet registered your child, please call to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to ensure your seat. 
Deferred students will be reviewed once we receive third quarter report cards and will not be subjected to a waitlist.
Waitlist Information:
For those students who applied to Gibbons, although tested at another first-choice school, applications will be reviewed as seats become available. 
If you still wish to apply to Gibbons Fort Lauderdale and have not taken the HSPT at another school, a test will be administered on Thursday, May 23rd at 9:00am. Please RSVP to admissions@cghsfl.org with your child's name if attending and please  APPLY HERE  to create your Admission Portal (to create your account please type in parent name and parent email address). Please make sure the Cardinal Application Freshman Application and $50 fee is completely filled out and submitted. Please follow the below steps to be considered:
  • Submit 7th grade report card and standardized test scores (send to admissions@cghsfl.org)
  • Submit 8th grade first quarter report card (send to admissions@cghsfl.org)
  • Submit two letters of Recommendation from current 8th grade teachers (submit requests from your Admission's Portal)
  • Student Emergency / Release Form (submit from your Admission's Portal)
  • HSPT Scores (if not yet had, last test will be administered on Thursday, May 23rd at 9:00am. Please RSVP with 'MAY HSPT along with student's full name' to admissions@cghsfl.org.)
  • Interview may be required.
Save the Dates:
  • May 11th Math and Language Placement Tests (assessment test) from 8:00 to 11:30am for any one coming in with high school credits in these areas.)
  • June 10th - 28th from 7:50am to 12:30pm for Summer School (admission in August 2019 is contingent upon required summer school.)
  • August 1st All final report cards from non-feeder schools and original FL Immunization #680 Forms are due.
Go Chiefs!

Director of Admissions
Mrs. Elyse Geraghty
954-491-2900 Ext. 108
Admissions Counselor
Mrs. Jill Lescher
954-491-2900 Ext. 148
Cardinal Gibbons is a Roman Catholic High School acting under the direction of the Archdiocese of Miami.
Cardinal Gibbons High School is dedicated to providing our students with a strong formation of Catholic values, 
academic excellence, lifelong learning and a commitment to service.
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