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Anime Mr. Herrmann
Big Brothers/Big Sisters Mr. Ott
BioMedical Mrs. Rizzo
Book Club/Literature Society Ms. Evans
Campus Ministry Mrs. Henehan
Chess Club Mr. Lee
Coneccion Latina Mrs. Lanza-Allen
Conservation Mr. Davis
Computer Technology  Mr. Herrmann
DECA Mr. Bravim
Drama/ITS Mr. Crow
Eucharistic Ministers Mrs. Henehan
Exchange Mr. Davis
Fine Arts Ms. Busby
French Honor Society Mrs. Hanks
Freshman Class TBA
Honor Council Mr. Mahon
Interact Mr. Davis
International Mrs. Limperis
Junior Class Mr. Perez-Cubas
Key Club Mrs. Quailey
Links to Learning Dr. Louy
MBA/Band Mr. Navarro & Mrs. Fraley
Mock Trial Mr. Bravim
Model UN Ms. Bianchi & Dr. Louy
Mu Alpha Theta Mr. Powers & Mr. Sinclair
National English Honor Society Ms. Sweeney
National Honor Society Dr. Louy
Plywood Regatta Mr. Herrmann
Robotics Mr. Herrmann
Rocketry Mr. Herrmann
Science and Engineering Mr. Herrmann
Science National Honor Society Mr. Herrmann
Science Olympiad Mr. Herrmann
Senior Athletic Club  Mr. Morrill 
Senior Class TBA
Silver Knights Mrs. Evans
Social Studies Honor Society Moderator Ms. Herbert
Sophomore Class TBA
Spanish Honor Society Dr. Chavez
Speech & Debate Mr. Bravim
Spirit Team Mr. Perez-Cubas
Squires Circle Fr. Cruz
Student Government Mr. Perez-Cubas
Student Leadership Mrs. Henehan
Ultimate Frisbee Club Mr. Powers
Young Democrats Mr. Savor
Young Republicans Mr. Dubuc
Updated 08/23/18
Cardinal Gibbons is a Roman Catholic High School acting under the direction of the Archdiocese of Miami.
Cardinal Gibbons High School is dedicated to providing our students with a strong formation of Catholic values, 
academic excellence, lifelong learning and a commitment to service.
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